Port of Entry Member Review #16475

Abu Dhabi Entry Date: 2017-09-14


Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

There were several flights departing from Abu Dhabi at that time and so the queue at pre-clearance was long. IIRC it took me about an hour in line. When it was my turn, the officer was cheerful but professional. As i was approaching, he said, "uh oh, here comes another yellow envelope!" and gave a big laugh. He took my yellow envelope, and asked me for the single sheet of paper stapled outside of it (which I had removed prior to my turn at the counter thinking it was not required). He got me worried for a bit because when I gave it to him, he seemed surprised that the paper did not have my fiance's name and address written on it somewhere. I dunno why this is the case though, that paper was just a copy of my interview appointment confirmation print-it. In the end, he just asked me to confirm my fiance's name and address and he manually wrote it there instead. He then opened the envelope and checked the documents inside. He made some check marks and made scribbles on some but i cannot tell what he wrote on there. While going through the documents, he asked me how my fiance and I met and he wrote down the dating app site and said he will tell his friend to try it out! LOL Then he asked me how much money I am carrying with me (less than $10k) so he had no additional questions on that. He asked me if I am aware that I have 90 days to get married. I said yes and he said congratulations on the engagement and welcome to the US. All in all my time in the counter was maybe 5 mins.