Port of Entry Member Review #16343

Detroit Entry Date: 2017-04-13


Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

Crossed at the Detroit/Windsor tunnel. Secondary wasn't particularly busy but I was still made to wait ~40min for a specific guy to process me, because the first guy said he didn't know how to process a visa. Others waiting were in and out in 15 minutes. Eventually the agent checking people in had to remind the guy that I'd been waiting for him for over 30 minutes.

The agent took my passport and folder. I sat back down and he called me up maybe 15 minutes later. I asked a few times about my CR-1 being switched to IR-1 because I was past my second anniversary but the agent wouldn't process it as IR-1, ugh. Hopefully whoever processes my green card catches it.

After he finished processing the visa, I informed him I was importing a car as well and he got snippy at me for not telling him sooner. The car import form took me fewer than 5 minutes to fill out (make sure you review the CBP form 7501 ahead of time so you know what's expected of you or just bring a pre-filled form). He took a photocopy of my compliance letter and the 7501, and sent me on my way. The other import forms mentioned on CBP's website were not required.

All in all it was very easy, although I did get some attitude from the agent which wasn't necessary. He told me I had come at a "bad time" I guess because buses full of people kept showing up. Sorry not sorry!

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