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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #33287

Frankfurt, Germany Review on July 9, 2024:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

Review provided by fiance:

My appointment was at 8.30 - i arrived at around 8.10 and the line was already packed. Friendly staff / officer instructed me which line to stand in after congratulating me on the interview. I went to the check in at the front and handed my passport in - i received my number and a sticker on my passport. I was then instructed to join the line for security.

Even though the embassy says you cant bring electronic devices, several people in front had phones and smartwatches etc. they were instructed to turn and keep them off during their stay. After passing through security i was told to follow the green lines on the floor and entered the next building. K1 / Immigrant visas are instructed to take a seat in front of booths 15-21.

After about 30 mins of waiting i was called up to the counter - Its go time! Or so i thought - this was the documents side of things - i handed them my passport picture. They then requested the original and one copy of:
Birth certificates
Police certificates
I also gave them the I-134* and the w2 from the employer along with the tax returns of 2023 of my fiance. The guy was extremely nice and offered to make copies of everything for me.
(US Citizen Note: I had made hole punches in the form and tax transcripts when I sent him the document through the mail, not really thinking it could cause an issue cause I know (now) USCIS doesn't like it. But my fiance confirmed with them that it was fine and not an issue)

I was then told everything looks good and to take a seat again and i would be called up again for the interview.

You are also able to take small water bottles with you but 2 water fountains are also present - one for the kids and one for adults.

45 mins after taking a seat i was called up again.

Interview time- the lady was nice but was straight to the point. I was asked the following questions:

Have i ever been issued a visa to enter the us
How and when i met my fiance
What she does for work
What i do for work
If i had done military service
If we have wedding plans
When i plan to travel to the us

After answering everything she said she had approved the application and that it would take a week or so for the system to check and issue the visa

Overall the experience was great and it wasnt bad at all. No need to be nervous!

I had left the embassy around 10.15 - be respectful and talk to the guards walking around, they normally just boss people around so im sure casual conversation will be appreciated

(updated on July 9, 2024)

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