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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #32901

Madrid, Spain Review on January 19, 2024:



Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

I got scheduled for the interview at 9:30. My husband had to wait outside the Embassy since he was not listed on the Immigrant Visa Interview Appointment letter. They had 4 panes opened for immigration visas, two for document review and two consular officers interviewing people; plus 2 more for American consular issues. I got called twice: Once to verify two documents they put inside an envelope on the day I went for the document review (my original marriage and birth certificates). The second time, they called me for the actual interview. The officer was a bit serious and reserved at the beginning, but she was a little bit more friendly by the end. I got asked the following questions:
- When are where did we meet first time?
- How long have we been dating?
- When was the last time we've seen each other?
- How do we usually keep in touch?
- What does my husband do for a living in the US?
- Have you lived anywhere other than my home country?
- How long have I been in the US in the past years?
- Which type of visa did I have last time I visited the US? (I was a J1 visa holder, subject to the 2-year rule. she asked for my previous passport with the visa stamp)
- Have you fulfilled the two-year foreign residence requirement?
- Have you overstayed your visa? When did you leave the US last time?
There was a problem retrieveing certain data from their systems while on the last three questions. The officer couldn't make a decision on my case until they could verify that information. She said they would contact me over email if they needed more information. If everything was correct, she said I would expect the package with the visa on the mail in 2-3 weeks. That evening, the CEAC website status message on my visa changed from "Ready" to "Administrative processing".
Two days later, the CEAC website showed the status message changed to "Issued".

(updated on January 19, 2024)

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