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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #32723

London, United Kingdom Review on November 21, 2023:



Review Topic: EB-1 Visa

Had my EB-1A interview at the US Consulate in London on Friday the 3rd of Nov at 8am.

I showed up at 7:20am and there was a long queue. I spoke to a lady who was guiding people. I told her I was there for my green card interview and she told me to go to the front of the queue. The lady at the desk outside security checked my Passport and appointment letter then told me to go to the front of security.

Security was super fast as they were just opening.

Once through security you enter the courtyard and the next building is signposted. There's two queues to join, US Citizen/Immigration which is blue and visas which is red. I joined the blue queue which was empty and again, was seen first. The lady at the desk took my passport and DS260. Affixed labels to it and told me to go up the elevators, take a left, then another left and to sit at the booths were my number will appears. It's all relatively straightforward and well signposted.

I went and sat down in the area specifically for immigration type visas. I was called up to my first window in maybe 5 minutes. Asked for my passport, 1 passport style photograph then my original birth certificate, ACRO certificate/any other police certificates and my courier details for having my passport sent back to me. Really nice guy. I was then asked to sit back down my number will be called again.

Around 15 minutes later I was called up to a different window. There was an American lady there and I cannot emphasize enough how nice she was. She asked me to raise my right hand and to affirm that everything in my application etc was true to the best of my knowledge. She then asked me:
“What guilds are you affiliated with?”
“Have you won any awards?”
“What have you appeared in?”
“Have you ever judged the work of others?”
“Where has your work been shown?”
(Asked again) “what guilds or associations have you been apart of?”

She then said that my visa had been approved. I said thank you and she wished me a good weekend and said I should receive my passport back in about 7 days.

As far as getting my passport back. My case status didn’t update right away.
It showed as “Ready” until Tuesday the 7th.
“Administrative Processing” from the 7th to the 9th.
“Issued” on Thursday the 9th.
I got my tracking number on Monday the 13th and my passport was ready for pickup on Tuesday the 14th. So 7 business days from interview to passport being returned (like the interviewer said).

All in all, it was very smooth and straight forward. Best of luck to you all!

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