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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #31861

San Francisco CA Review on March 8, 2023:


Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Feb 20 2022: Interview in the morning in SF. We arrived 30mins before schedule. While in the inner waiting area, we were called to the interview before our scheduled time and the officer thanked us for being early. He was pleasant, friendly and thorough. It was a pretty easy interview. I was bracing myself for intrusive questions such as 'What colour are your husband's underwear' but he asked nothing of the sort.

First we were asked to swear to tell the truth before taking a seat. He asked for my passport, EAD, Social Security, state ID and my husband's passport and driver's license. He asked me all of the questions on the I-485 form and physically check-marked each item on the papers when my answer matches what was written. He would also write down on the form anything I answer that wasn't there (have I been a part of any organization- I didn't write any on the form but I said orally 'like girl scouts?' and he wrote that down). Then he went through all the Yes/No questions in the end, and looked especially serious when asking the question about having ever used public assistance from the US government. Then he showed me all the new information he wrote down on the form and had me sign it. Then he asked my husband where we first met and during this, I make a point of not helping him answer any of the questions, just nodding if he gets it right. After a while we just start telling our story. The officer seemed to be typing everything we were saying, all the stories we tell him and seemingly just every word we say. Then he looked through and kept a few photos from the stack of photos we had printed out and he liked that we had labelled it in the back of each. He commented that the group photos with family members were very good. Every time anything comes up in conversation that we had corresponding paperwork for, we would hand it to him. He said we're very organised, lol. He liked that we submitted mostly original documents and not photocopies (like the marriage certificate). In the end he asked if there's anything else we'd like to give him or tell him and we said no, that's what we have. Then he left to make a photocopy of my own work offer letter (I only brought the original, it was an afterthought). When he came back he gave us 2 pieces of paper, told us that our case will be reviewed to make sure that I will not be a public charge and that the decision will come within 2-4 weeks. Status changed later in the afternoon to interview is completed and that it was being reviewed.

Evidence we had: joint bank statement (checking and savings, the officer asked what we used the checking for, this seemed kind of weird), husband's job offer letter, my job offer letter, my latest W2 and husband's latest tax forms (husband always does taxes early), 1 car title showing both our names as owners, health dental and life insurance through husband's job also showing my name as beneficiary and as dependent, plane ticket and lodging bookings for a future trip together, photos.

(updated on March 8, 2023)

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