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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #31706

Czech Republic Review on January 10, 2023:



Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

I had the interview shceduled at 1pm. Came early, but asked the security guard if I could come in by any chance. He spoke Czech, was nice, but told me they have a lunch break so I can come after 1pm, saying the times for interview are more like estimates lol. I came back before 1pm and he asked me again to wait five minutes. Then he asked to see my passport and told me someone will pick me up soon. In the meantime there was a shift change and the new lady had zero chill. So I ended up waiting outside for total of about 30 minutes. Lesson learned - don't be there too early, it will probably not help at all and if the weather is bad, there is nowhere to hide.
I went in at 1:20 ish. Turned my phone off, handed in all electronics (watch, phone, headphones). The man at the reception was quite nice and showed me where to go in.
I was the only person there so it all went quick. There's a lady at the desk that will take your documents (she only asked for the originals), then ask you to sit down, then the consul will call you again, in my case the wait was not even 5 minutes (idk, because there was no clock).
Questions he asked:
Visa type (CR1)
"Who is the person you are married to?" - to which we both realised the answer was "my husband" and it was a little awkward/funny. He obviously wanted to know the name but worded it weird.
Give me a quick summary of your relationship (met online, long distance with us visiting each other 1-2 times a year)
Where did you get married
Where does your husband work
What is your plan, where did you go to school and where do you plan to work (Studied biology, worked elsewhere and Im hoping to get the same/similar remote job I had here in Czech rep.)
We talked about the possibility of me having previous visa I didnt know I had (I used to travel for competitions as a teen and so all of that was managed for me along with the team. He said it was fine, it would only be a problem if I had a visa that was still active)
Where will you live (Iowa)

At this point he said my visa was actually approved, he was even a bit surprised, because apparently it usually doesn't allow him to hit the "big button" right away.
Said the visa will be printed in a few work days and I chose the delivery option. He gave me a phone number for the delivery service in case I didnt hear from them. He assured me I should deffinitelly have it with me by the 20th (that's when I leave). I was out by 1:45, so total 20 minutes inside.

Appart from the awkward waiting outside and the lady staring at me like she thought I had a bomb in my tote bag, it was nice, smooth and easy.

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