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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #31660

Baltimore MD Review on December 22, 2022:



Review Topic: Naturalization

My wife had her Oath Ceremony Dec 21st. Before this all her experiences at Baltimore were fine. AOS interview, no issues, Citizenship interview, no issues. Oath ceremony, what a let down. After everyone was seated, a rep gave a do's and don'ts for the Naturalization Certificate. Then she explained what was in the packet and had everyone remove the Oath guide. Instructed interpreters to assist. Then they just got right into the Oath taking. Once everyone was done repeating, she congratulates the new citizens and releases them. No ceremony, no National Anthem, no Pledge of Allegiance, no speech from a senator or the President. Like zero solemnity for the granting of citizenship to new immigrants. My wife noted that most looked disheveled or stressed, like they just wanted to get it over with.

After numerous years and for some, I can only imagine the RFEs, stress, etc., for the people at the Baltimore office to perform the Oath taking in that manner is truly a bit disgraceful. As a bi-stander watching from the guest seating, I cringed at the obvious rush with which they ran through the process, doing the bare minimum to allow everyone to leave "sworn in" as US Citizens.

Shame on the Baltimore office on taking what should have been a solemn and dignified ceremony and turning it into a generic visit to an office. My wife would have a better experience going to DMV than what USCIS Baltimore provided.

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