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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #31507

Cameroon Review on October 23, 2022:



Review Topic: K1 Visa

My fiance interview experience was good the questions the CO ask where

1.Whats your fiance name?

2.Where does he live at?

3.How long have we been together?

4.What website did you met him on?

Then the CO said ok. Then the CO ask about the domestic violence paper and asked if they under stood it.

5. What did my fiance think about the state I live in.

Going through the paper work that was turned in the CO said that they turned in the wrong Certificate of Non-Conviction and the certificate we needed has issued to issued by the High Court in Youande but that my fiance was approved just come back with the correct certificate as soon as possible.

My fiance got the right certificate and turned it in and the status was changed to approved.

My fiance was also that the visa should be ready for pickup in a week.


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