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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #31197

Portland ME Review on June 30, 2022:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Background : married with USC while in removal proceeding.

i-130 never been touched or approved for 19 months, tried everything like : call uscis, chat emma, asked helped from local congressperson, even when it’s outside processing time, USCIS never approved my case. I think also because I applied during that dark time in 2020 ( many 2020 filer still waiting and its not just me) and the only reason I got interview is because I filed i-485 in Feb 2022 with understanding that my i-485 cant be approved without removal proceeding being dismissed ( my lawyer said ICE / IJ no longer used the word termination anymore ).

6/28/22 interview scheduled at 1.15 pm, I showed up at 12.50 pm, super empty office, checked in, gave the checked in staff my interview letter , no need to take out my shoes because I wear dressed shoes, and wait. the immigration officer called my name at 1.30 pm. She brought me & my husband to the office.

She asked for : my passports. I brought 3 passports ( current, the one when I used to enter USA, and the other one with my B1/B2 visa) and she checked it all. She asked me if I have other evidences to submit. I gave her my huge stack of evidences with the index tabs ( roughly about 500 pages of new evidences worth for 18 months like : joint checking account, joint credit cards, tax transcript, health insurance, dental insurance, 14 new photos, etc ) + 2 photo albums, from the wedding and also early in our relationship. She asked for medical i-693 and I told her I already submitted with the initial package, does she want to have the copy and she politely said no.

She said that she can only conduct interview for i-130 ( no surprise here) and cant processed i-485 because of my removal proceeding with immigration court. I-485 will be Administrative Closure. i said yes, understood.

Then she took our oath and started the interview. Im surprised she didn’t even separated us ( im 100% sure the IO will separate us before I came because of my case ). She also took my pictures + finger prints.
Her questions is simple like :
- Have I ever leave US since I arrived. ( the answer is No)
- When did you meet, How did u guys meet, where did u have first date
- When do you move in together
- Any proposal or engagement or just talk about it kind of thing for the marriage
- Who’s the people on the wedding ( referring from the photo albums, asking question specifically pointed her finger to the flower girl in the picture )
- Where do u live and do you have neighbours ( obviously IO live in the area because she can describe the landlord’s dog who often is at the porch and the bakery next door to our apartment)
- Has my husband come to my home country yet ? ( obviously no because im in removal proceeding)
- What’s the plan in the future, planning to move or ? I answered I aint moving anywhere I want to go to that law school

Just like conversation/small talk with nice stranger, and doesn’t feel like interrogation. Most questions didn’t address to specific person, and boy my husband talked a lot LOL. He mostly answer all her questions, which is good because this is his petition.

During the whole time of the interview, she keep flipping around my “black-hole thesis” ( extra evidences) a redditor called it black-hole thesis because it is so thick, IO quite surprised when my husband told her I made the “thesis” myself without the help from our attorney. She commented “ It’s nicely done, im very impressed”

At the end of the interview, IO said ” im going to approve this petition and im going to keep all of this extra evidences ( she returned the photo albums, though I have extra newer pictures on the stack that she kept ) Unfortunately we cant approved ur I-485 today”. Again im not surprise, I’m well aware USCIS wont be able to approve my GC application without the termination of the removal proceeding. I swear that If im not on removal proceeding, she will approve my GC application on the spot. Oh well….

Also im quite shocked when she told me she will take all the evidences. I thought she’s going to pick and choose things that she wanted and she gave the rest back to me. Im very glad she did take it all.

Offered her if she need to see all the original documents that I brought like marriage certificate, birth certificate, all EAD etc and she said no need. When she walked me out, she said she will need to scan the whole extra evidences, and I keep apologizing to her because it is so thiccc LOL. IO actually mentioned 3 times, that she’s going to approve this petition.

Total interview is 30 mnts. Got out at 2.05 pm

Overall experience : 10 out of 10. IO is super nice and chill, respectful and polite.

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