Consulate / USCIS Member Review #31046

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Review on May 12, 2022:


Review Topic: General Review

We entered the consulate for my wife’s CR1 interview in a line with about 70 others. I was expecting to go where I had done notarisations before, but this was a much larger area with 19 service windows. The line first queued to a single window to receive service numbers. Then each case sat down waiting for their number to be called and displayed. Upon being called to one of the 19 windows people were asked for the documents required for their case. We gave documents quickly while others seem to fumble for up to 15 minutes. We organised as directed on consulate website so it went quick. Then sat again waiting to be called for interview.

Five windows were open for the interviews. We watched and tried to listen. We could tell some people struggled for answers to some challenging questions about their bona fide relation. We saw sad blue slip faces, but smiling faces too after interviews. One particular window #15 was taking much longer to process cases and asked more questions than other windows. As our number approached we were cheering and hoping against getting #15. We got #15.

The officers, one Caucasian one Asian, asked me to let my wife answer questions herself. 1. How and when did we meet. She answered wrong by two years, 2017 instead of 2015. From there her timeline got off track a bit. 2. When did i first visit her he asked, also she missed by two years. At which point I asked to help because she was nervous, he gently told me it was ok, that he was more interested in her presentation. 3. What did I do for a living, and 4. where will we live in the US? She nailed both. 5. Who was watching my place in US while I lived here? She fumbled a bit about me selling my home in the US, but recovered to explain that my sister was living and watching the home I own that we are traveling too. She mentioned my sister’s name in her answer. The officer said thank you and wished us good luck, our visa would arrive in a couple weeks he said. #15 wasn’t too bad after all. We will have dinner and drinks tonight.

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