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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30905

Des Moines IA Review on March 28, 2022:


Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Interview for immigration
* Security check
* Give the officer at the counter by the entry the interview notice letter
* Wait for them to call our name into the office
* The officer went through the agenda
* He asked us to take an oath
* At first he couldn’t find my I-130 information and thought we didn’t file it. He asked my husband if he filed it. My husband was so nervous, got panicked and said no lol but we actually did (probably because we moved from the consulate process and the files were scattered)
* He talked to me mostly, asking me to verify my name, dob, current address, previous addresses, parents’ names, country of birth, basically information on i-485, including the yes/no questions.
* He also asked me about how my husband and I met and where we had the marriage ceremony.
* He only asked my (US citizen) husband about his job and they talked about the time when they were in marine corps
* The officer was trying so hard to put on poker face the whole time but we joked around a little bit.
* After that he allowed me to give him any additional documents I brought with me. I gave him my medical exam and some bona fide.
* At the end, he gave us a chance to ask any questions and that was just it… he led us out…

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