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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30887

Dublin, Ireland Review on March 22, 2022:



Review Topic: K1 Visa

I have to say, I had a very poor experience going for my K1 interview here.

I was scheduled for 1pm - Arrived at 12:45 and everything went smoothly as other reviewers have mentioned. No electronics can be brought in, have to go through metal detectors, and so on.

Got in to the actual waiting area which is a large room with some seating - interviews were to the right and other issues (mainly for US citizens, it seemed) were to the left. I went right and waited in a queue. There were two interviews in front of me.

It was very inefficient. My interview was due to take place at 1pm, as I said, but didn't actually take place until about 3pm. There is nothing to entertain yourself with for the hours that you'll be there, which is a shame, but not that bad in the grand scheme of things. The interviews take place at a window, similar to a bank, and you can hear pretty much everything that's said between the Immigration Officer and the person they are interviewing.

I eventually get called to the window and the Officer asks some basic questions (name, name of my fiancée, where we met). I answer all of them normally but am almost immediately met with hostility from the Officer - he literally said to me "this is a serious situation and I need you to give me serious answers. I can cancel this whole application right now". I was completely taken aback because I was being entirely truthful and taking the interview very seriously (and have been with my fiancée for 7+ years, had been waiting over a year for this interview, and had spent several thousand euro on this process...).

The rest of the interview proceeded pretty much in that tone. The Officer questioned my relationship repeatedly, even at one point getting personal, saying that "maybe I just don't care about her [my fiancée]" because "she had moved to Ireland just to be with me" (she hadn't, and he knew that) and I "wasn't bothered" going to her country until 7 years into our relationship.

He kept repeating "make it make sense to me because this situation doesn't make sense"... For context, we provided a huge amount of evidence with our I-129f application to prove our 7+ year relationship, this isn't some "we met on Tinder last week" situation. He then abruptly ended the interview saying that I hadn't provided the correct type of police certificate so he couldn't approve the K1 now anyway.

As I was gathering my papers to start walking away, he asked a further question about my parents and where they lived - I told him where my mother lived and he asked "and your dad lives with her?" and I had to say "no, he's deceased"... I could see him looking at the section of the form where I had written that as he was asking - the question was irrelevant because he wasn't proceeding with interview anyway AND he already knew the answer. It felt like he wanted to get one last cheap shot in before I left.

Anyway, easily one of the rudest experiences I've ever had in my life. I don't know what was wrong with the guy or why he decided to pick on me (the two people who went ahead of me were not treated anywhere near as harshly). I sent in the correct type of police certificate the next day and the K1 was approved a week later. Now happily living in the USA, married and going through the AOS process, but I will never forget how utterly hostile the Officer was and how embarrassing it was to be receiving end of his attitude and not to be able to tell him to go f*** himself.

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