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  1. Notified via the Lawfully app and then checked my USCIS account. @SAB6 Apologies, I missed your question last month - Yes, I expedited via a congressperson using a job offer and letter of financial loss to myself and the company.
  2. Sorry to hear about your situation. I hope it all works out for you. As for the guidelines I followed, just the typical ones that you can read about here and on other forums - get a job offer letter at the very least. I got a job offer letter, a letter from my future employer indicating that they would lose a significant amount of money if they couldn't hire me (due to the nature of my work but also things like the estimated expense of having to go through the hiring process again, having the position remain un-filled for longer, and so on... I had them extrapolate some of the costs out to the average current wait time for I-765 approval, which adds up quickly), and then I got in touch with my local Congressperson's office and followed their procedures for requesting that they make an expedite request - I made sure I had all of the evidence ready to go so it was as easy for them to submit the request as possible. There's definitely some luck involved, some hard work involved, and just being really proactive about the entire process (I even managed to complete my biometrics before my appointment date by showing up at the ASC mentioned on my appointment letter and just talking them into letting me do it then and there - insert stereotype about Irish people and the gift of the gab here). All in all, I managed to get a job plus work and travel authorization within 90 days of arriving in the US, which is a lot faster than I thought I would be able to. With regard to your wife's father - I think I-131s can be expedited due to family emergencies which require travel but I didn't go through that process so I can't shed any light on it for you. I've found the USCIS forum on Reddit very helpful for information, so maybe you could browse there.
  3. I got word this morning that my combo card was being produced, so perhaps not all cards are being "decoupled". First time EAD for me. Filed I-765 with I-131 and I-485 concurrently.
  4. @highvoltage Yes, just got approval of my expedite request this morning - card is being produced. Job offer + congressional assistance. Took three weeks from the day the Congressperson submitted the expedite request.
  5. Did anyone have any difficulty getting a hold of the Mater in order to schedule a medical? Or have any tips for doing so? I've called multiple times only for it to ring for 10+ minutes, I filled out the online form requesting an appointment over a week ago, and I've emailed with no response.
  6. We got an email from the NVC today informing us that our case had been processed and forwarded to the embassy. It's currently at the "In Transit" stage. This was only 21 days after the NOA2 approval! Much faster than expected (which is a rare thing to say in this process). They received it, processed it, and sent it onward less time than it takes for most people to even get confirmation that it was received. Not sure if this is a sign that they're working overtime to move things or if we just got really really lucky!
  7. Just got our NOA2 today! September 8th, 2020 - June 1st, 2021! No RFE.
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