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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30302

Haiti Review on October 21, 2021:

Justus Forever

Justus Forever

Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

IR-1/IR- 2's

My husband had a very positive experience with embassy note nothing is allowed inside the embassy except paperwork. The earlier you get there the better as for getting inside but not to be seen especially during this pandemic right now and it only being 3 workers doing interviews.
Questions that were asked:
Why did you marry your wife?
Do you and your wife have friends together?
When did you get married???
How many times did your wife visit before marriage and after marriage?
Do you know your address in the United States?
Do you love your wife?
Do you want to travel with your daughters now?
One or two questions was asked twice but in a different way (like the answer would change or to see if my husband understood. They did call of a guy to translate in French and my husband answer was still the same lol.

My husband was told he was approved but the babies were missing a document from medical (doctor’s fault) he was not giving a paper and the passports of all 3 were kept. Interview 9/20 but it was a Haitian holiday, so they had to go back 9/21 husband approved and doctor called after interview. The doctor sent papers 9/21 babies approved 9/24 and 9/27 visa printed 9/28 visa in hand 10/2 my family came home to the USA. I would like to Thank everyone that helped and stayed in contact for my updates and to give me encouragement Thank you sososo much. Thank you for visajourney and all the helpful people on this forum that gave advice and saved me A lotttttttttt of fees for this process.
Documents asked for the DS-260, money receipts from Money Gram, no extra passport photos were asked for not saying they won’t ask from someone else; they did take 1 sheet of pictures for each case. (I put like 5 – 9 photos on the word and then pdf them so it looks like I had only maybe 6 sheets but each paper had a lot of photos on them being I filed for husband and babies) They seen I updated information on the ceac so nothing else was asked for. Everyone Good Luck and God Bless us all.

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