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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30203

San Antonio TX Review on October 2, 2021:


Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Interview done!

Not sure if this interview report will be too useful for many because we are a bit of a unique situation. We've been married over 12 years and the wife has had a B-2 11 years with 6 trips to the US over that time. We have an age difference of 26 years. Anyway, the interview was yesterday morning at 9:15 at the San Antonio FO. It's only 15 minutes there and parked at 8:45. Guard said they were only taking 9s so waiting a few more minutes to get in line and then went through security. Sat in the ceremony room maybe 30 minutes before our number was called and were led to his office. Very friendly and pleasant. I think we actually took like an hour with much of that time him complaining about having to do the online version of the interview and not being fluent in navagating it. It really seemed like it might have been his first time using it. He had a walking cast on so he might have been out for a while before this. Of all the papers, pictures, etc., I had gathered together, he only asked for 1 thing, The I-693 which I didn't have because I had put it in our glove box so I wouldn't forget it. He gave me a return pass so I went and got it for him. I was kind of expecting him to ask for more tax filing stuff because I only filed my military retiree 1099-Rs for the last 3 years but I guess that was enough. Questions asked? He asked each of us the other's birthday. We had worked on her memorizing both our phone numbers and our address which she knows now but he read those to her and asked if they were correct. Funny thing, he asked her if she'd ever been married and she said no. I said Really? Hahahahahaha I really don't think he asked us any other relationship questions. He asked the 485 questions and when he got to 51 he said he would change the yeses to no and I pointed out that those questions weren't about her but her spouse so she had to truethfully answer yes. He said those weren't about US military and I said it should say that then, at least in the instructions. He agreed and still changed them to No except for the last one about military training. And put a note about me being retired USAF. Then she had to sign the 485 on a tablet but it took a good ten minutes to get the tablet to connect to his PC. He said we were approved for a 10 year GC.
Status changed on the case to Approved 2 days later.

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