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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30198

Uzbekistan Review on September 30, 2021:



Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

We arrived at the Embassy on August 4. Petitioner accompanied the beneficiary but was refused entry by the security guard on the orders of the Consular Officer. Questions asked:

1. When and how did you meet?
2. Who introduced you?
3. How did your relationship develop?
4. You applied for a student visa on 2 occasions last summer, correct?
5. Have you ever been abroad?
6. Have you ever been abroad for more than 6 months?
7. Did you apply for your student visa while your husband was living in another state than where you were planning to study?
8. When was your wedding?

At the end of the interview the Consular Officer asked for proof of relationship documents. We provided pictures together at different times and occasions with and without family members and friends. CO said she will make a note of documents provided but asked to see a history of chat and calls. We're not sure if she was informed that the petition accompanied the beneficiary to the interview to support proof of bona fide relationship but was refused entry. We did send an email more than 2 weeks prior to the interview date that the petitioner will come along with the beneficiary without any acknowledgement or response from the Embassy. We sent all the requested proof of relationship documents through email and uploaded to the CEAC portal, 140 pages total (chat and call logs, additional photos, a doctor's note about the wife's pregnancy). All of our emails were left unanswered. On September 22 we received a phone call from the Embassy informing us that the visa is approved and asking to bring the passport the next day. A week later we received the passport with visa.

Overall, the experience was somewhat smooth, but the lack of communication from the Embassy caused us quite a bit of stress and anxiety.
When we dropped off the passport there were about 10 people who received their visas (immigrant and non-immigrant included). Same when we picked up the passport.

The embassy

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