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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30163

Montgomery AL Review on September 21, 2021:


Review Topic: Naturalization

Interview appointment was Sept. 3, 2021. This office is almost 4 hours away, and we made it pretty much exactly at the 15 minutes before interview time that they allow people to enter the building. A guard was walking around outside and asked if we had an appointment, while my husband was trying to get the dog hair and lint off his shirt. I said yes, and the guard asked what time, and then said to go on in and started to walk off. He turned back quickly and added, "Just the one with the appointment." My husband went in and returned about 15 minutes later. He was asked for interview letter and ID to enter. They were not busy, and he was called for his interview pretty much right away.

They looked at his passport and green card and that was it. They asked for no other documentation. I would still bring it, just in case like we did.

He was given an English test, which was to read, "Who lives in the White House?" He was then asked to write the answer, "The president lives in the White House."

He was asked these civics questions:
"What does the Constitution do?"
"What did Susan B. Anthony do?"
"Name a state that borders Canada."
"What are 3 of the original 13 states?"
"What are the two main political parties in the United States?"
"How many justices are on the Supreme Court now?"

The interviewer asked him the yes or no questions from the N400, and that was it. He said that he was putting in for his approval, and he would be getting an Oath Ceremony letter in the mail soon. He also falsely told him he would not have to make the long drive back to that office, but could have his Oath locally. I told my husband that sounds nice, but I know it is incorrect and we will be coming back.

We got notice of his Oath Ceremony not long after. It was for Sept. 18th, at the Montgomery, AL field office, just like I knew it would be. We again made it right at the 15 minutes ahead of time, and watched a woman getting her photo taken outside the building after getting her certificate. They had them chairs spread out from each other, and the man doing the Oath Ceremony was at the front of the room behind a shield. They gave them an envelope with their naturalization certificate, pamphlet and flag before the ceremony began. The family members lined up at the window to see the best we could, wondering why we couldn't just be allowed in with our spouses. We were able to get a short video through the glass. Not great, but better than the nothing at all I thought we would be able to get. They didn't have them repeat all of the Oath because of Covid. They didn't want them all talking and spreading germs through the room. Odd cause they all had on masks and were distanced. He had them all raise their hands and read the oath and had them all simply answer, "Yes, I do/will." to agree with the oath statement. That was it. They came outside and we were all taking pictures of and with our loved ones in front of the USCIS building. They rain was not making that easy, but we managed.

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