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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30161

Saint Louis MO Review on September 21, 2021:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

I was adjusting from a K1 Visa.
The appointment was on time and did not take very long (30 minutes circa).
The lady who interviewed us was nice and tried to put us at ease. We went trough the main questions of form I-485 like names and surnames, dates of birth and addresses.
After that she asked how met and for how long we have been dating. She also casually asked about the K1 Visa's footnote which reported the voice NIE - national Interest Exemption.
She then asked us to give her whatever we had to prove that our relationship was bona fide: so I handed her pictures, life insurance, car title, lease agreements and the profile page of my husband's bank account where my name was included among the family member section (we could not create a joint bank account as his bank needed my SSN for which I am still waiting).
She noted everything on a piece of paper attached to our case folder and that's it.
She said she recommended approval and told us to renew the card within 90 days prior it's expiration.
After less than an hour my case status turned "Card is being produced".

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