Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30038

Ethiopia Review on August 22, 2021:


Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

Our cases are approved ( pending medical results). Both CR1 for Spouse and IR5 for Mother got approved. They got at the gate around 8 Am for 9 Am interview appointment. 30 people waiting to get in at the gate.Interview letter and Passport were the only thing they needed at the gate.After they went in there were more than 100 people inside waiting for their turn. Non-immigrant(Student and Visit) visas were Interviewed before us. IR5(Mom) did the interview first since elderly got prority.
There is pre-screening window where they requested Appt Letter, Passport, Birth Certificate,Marriage Certificate,Police Certificate and 2 Photo before they got in to Interview Window. These are the questions :-
1. How and when did you meet
2. How many times has he visited you
3. How long has he stayed
4. What does he do
5. When and how did he go to US
6.He went to US when he was at school?
7. Which state and City he live?
And she asked me r a picture
8. Where was your wedding

We brought a lot of pictures but we selected few around 25 that has a lot of people in it at the wedding and other places. She was satisfied after looking 4 pictures.

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