Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30001

Madrid, Spain Review on August 13, 2021:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

The interview was August 2nd, 2021. To preface: we didn't realize we would need 3 police-related certificates from Peru: Policiales, Judiciales, and Penales. We only sent Penales in Packet 3, so we needed to get the other two. We got Judiciales online, the Embassy approved it via e-mail, and are still in the process of getting Policiales.

Everyone at the Embassy was so nice! The administrative woman asked for these forms: 1. The appointment booking, 2. Proof of fee payment, 3. Medical docs, 4. His passport, and 5. A print-out of the aforementioned Judiciales. She then told us the Policiales doesn't need to be apostilled and that it can be mailed directly from Peru to the Embassy.

I went with my fiancé to the Embassy. Daniel told his interviewer I was there, he called me over, and I did the interview with him! :D Questions: 1. "How did you and your fiancée meet?", 2. "Samantha, when did you leave Spain initially?", 3. "You were together in person for over a year, did you ever live together?", 4. "Do you communicate in English, Spanish, or both?", and 5. "Daniel, will your family be able to attend the wedding?" Next, he looked through the pictures we sent with our original I-129F packet, told my fiancé that I look great in my wedding dress (he's not allowed to see the pic I took at the dress shop before the wedding), and said the photos look good. Then he said that Daniel is approved, but they still need that policiales. Once they've received that doc, he'll get his passport back in about 1 week. :D

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