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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #29777

Sacramento CA Review on June 29, 2021:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

My wife and I showed up at the Sacramento field office 20/25 mins before our appointment time at 8:15am. There was a small line of people coming out the building 4/5 people all roughly 6 feet apart, because you know, covid. they did however now allow you in without a mask provided you had received a vaccination. On entering the building we spoke with two security chaps who asked us to removed our shoes, wallets, phones etc and place then on the belt to go through the xray machine and walk through the metal detector, they were very polite and jovial and directed us where to go once we had collected our belonging again.

On going up to the second floor we handed our AOS letter to the gentleman behind the glass partition, who asked us then to take a seat and wait to be called for. There were a handful of people in the waiting room in front of us but they were quickly called on by IO’s and we were called on by a nice gentleman who introduced himself as Eric he then proceeded to escort us to his office. On getting there we sat down and he asked me for my passport and another form of ID. He then told us that most of the questions would be towards me and he didn't really have many at all for my wife but thanked her for coming :P

He then asked me what the ladies name, sitting next to me was, when we got married, where we got married, my parents names, my children's names, my wifes children's names and all their dates of birth. He asked how we met, which was through gaming and my wife explained how my she was only gaming because she cut her leg with a chainsaw and had to lay up for a few weeks to recover, which led to a conversation about why my wife was using a chainsaw in the first place, and how she managed to wield it and how he was amused and bewildered by the story somewhat. It did really just feel like a very pleasant and light conversation.

He then asked for W-2’s, marriage certificate and both our birth certificates (to compare against the ones we originally submitted with the K-1 filing)

He then said he had to finish filing the paperwork but before he could do that had other interviews to conduct first but we would get our approval notice by the end of the day.

I then asked if he wanted any other forms of evidence and he said he would take anything we would like to give him. We had collected a decent amount of info, joint taxes, paystubs, joint health care, dental and vision, waste management, PG&E, propane bill, life insurance, car registration and title, bank statements, credit card statements all in both our names, along with pictures with dates and place on the back.

After that he thanked us, wished us a good day and escorted us out, and we were out of the building by 9:10.

All in all a very nice and pleasant experience.

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