Consulate / USCIS Member Review #29729

Atlanta GA Review on June 14, 2021:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of Status from K1 Visa, Interview date 06/10/2021

The interviewer was friendly and patient. My USC husband and I were both in the room together, but my husband was instructed not to speak at all during the first part of the interview. Before the interview began we were asked to hand over any evidence we had brought for the interviewer to see as he would not accept any further documents from us later in the interview. Then the interviewer collected all our government issued cards (both our drivers licenses, my passport, my ead/ap card) and made copies for our file before returning them. After that the interview began with going over my I485 in detail. I was asked what seemed like every question I answered in the form, and my answers were compared to what I had written down when filing. Some additions and corrections were made (eg. my SSN was added, which I didn't yet have at the time of filing, and some boxes I had apparently forgotten to tick were ticked by the officer). I got an unexpected question about one of the organizations I had listed as belonging to, but other than that everything seemed pretty straight forward. At the end the officer showed me the changes he made, and I had to sign the application.
After this the topic shifted to confirming the validity of our marriage, and my husband was allowed to share in the interview. We were asked about our meeting, our visiting each other, our jobs, and our plans for the future. The officer looked over the evidence we had brought and asked some questions about the cars we had bought and our joint bank account.
At the end of the interview the officer said that everything looked good and if on reviewing my application later he would find that my medical had been done less than a year before filing my I485 he would approve me. He then explained that I would receive a conditional greencard and would have to apply for removal of conditions in two years, and what would be necessary for that process.

All in all it was a very friendly and professional interview. It did not, however, feel like an almost casual conversation as I've seen other people comment about their own interviews. Due to me being stressed, I found some of the questions quite nerve wrecking. But the officer was nice and fairly patient with me, and I guess tried to make us feel as comfortable as possible given the situation.

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