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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #29515

Milwaukee WI Review on April 20, 2021:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Last month, we FINALLY received the notice to appear for an interview which was scheduled 06/15/2017. This gave us ample time to prepare the documents, scrapbook and all the other necessary things that I felt were necessary and YES there were a LOT to the point that my husband has asked me to calm down and cool it down. I prepared the following for the interview:

Birth Certificates
Marriage Certificate
Pay Stubs
*Copy of my I693
*Copy of I864
I created an album
Passport/B2 Visa
Pay stubs (me and my husbands)
COEs (me and my husbands)
My tickets from previous Us travels
Email exchange from my stepdaughter and the aunt of my husband
Copy of hotel reservations of our previous travels
Copy of my resignation letter
Spouse's Tax Returns 2 years worth
Bank Statements
Car Registration
Car Insurance
Photocopy of our SSN cards
Volunteer Work Documents

We arrived exactly 30 minutes before our schedule and checked in with our appointment letter and IDs. We waited for approximately 45-50 minutes before we were called. The IO escorted us to her office and apologized for the delay and swore us in. She then asked for our IDs and my passport. She casually asked how we met and I was totally out of words. It was my husband who answered the question. She asked for the timeline of my visits to the U.S and focused on my last visit and asked if my intent was to get married and I said no, it was for a vacation and then we had a talked and I decided to stay. She asked if I just called my previous job, I said I emailed. She then went over a few questions on the I485 and asked for my husband's employment. She went in and asked if me If I belong to a group n the U.S? I said No and my husband reminded me of my volunteer work and my affiliations and the IO took note of the groups that I am with. She ended the conversation with a discussion about the 2 year green card since we are only married for less than a year, she continued with how I can removed the conditions and the paperwork that I need to submit. She mentioned that if my evidence is satisfactory that we may no longer appear for an interview. She said that I can now travel with my GC and my passport and wrapped it up with photocopying both of our driver's license. She didn't even checked my two bags worth of evidence (I didn't mind at all). We were the last to be called but the first to step out of the building. I was so relieved and was still "floating". I think the interview last for 10 minutes only. My husband said that the IO mentioned that I will get my card in 2 weeks (I don't even remember that)

This has been an interesting journey. Thank you for all of your help here in VJ. I did all of the filing of the papers and was very confident because of the amount of help that I got from this website. I have referred this to my friends whose currently working on their immigration journey as well.

More Power!!!

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