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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #29378

Saint Louis MO Review on March 22, 2021:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Interview was very quick and smooth, we were in and out in ~15/20 minutes. IO was very nice and pleasant.
After swearing us in, she asked for our IDs, and started by going over the I-485. She asked me (the applicant) some very basic personal questions: how do I pronounce my name, date of birth, place of birth, first names of my parents, where they were born, my SSN (I did not remember it, only the last 4 digits, she said it was fine), who I worked for and since when, what is my current address, and if I own my home.
Then she moved to the I-130 and started asking similar questions to my spouse (the petititioner): place of birth, date of birth, parents first names, her address, where does she work, her SSN.

We then moved to the relationship, and she asked some very standard questions: how did we meet, where did we go on our first date, for how long did we date before marrying, if we have moved together, what the deal was with our wedding (we had a courthouse wedding before Covid, and our big wedding was canceled due to Covid).She asked my spouse if she had visited my home country and met my family (she had, many times). My spouse also mentioned she was learning my native langugage.

Finally, the IO asked if there was any extra evidence I wanted to submit. I submitted some extra materials that included 2020 joint tax filings, recent joint account balances, recent photos of the two of us together and recent utility bills with both names. The IO did not really go through the evidence in detail and simply attached it to our file.

The IO then gave us a letter explaining the removal of conditions procedure, made us sign it, kept a copy for her recovers, and showed us out.

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