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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #29067

Louisville KY Review on January 26, 2021:


Review Topic: Lifting Conditions

hey guys!

I'm here to share our experience through the interview we file back in 09/16/2019 case was assigned to Nebraska.

I'm the usc wife had conditional card that expired in October 2019. i know we file a little late.

Anyway we got there like 20 min prior the time on the notice, they do al the check in trough a kiosk at the entrance of the office then we went into the waiting room

10 min later the officer came we had a translator for my wife in person she was given a form to fill out and sign due to covid she couldn't be on the same room

with us but she did everything by phone now to the interview.

officer was really friendly and professional , he went trough the i 751 application with us asking basic question like legal names address ssn etc.

he the proceeded to ask personal questions

how we met?

when we met?

how did i propose?

how did we talk to each other?

what was the las movie we saw?

how many people attended or wedding ?

My wife answer most of them he asked if we had any more proof of our marriage to submit i said we had the same documents but they were recent like bank statements and tax transcript

he then told us he was going to recommend for approval and only needed his supervisor green light as well we were done in less than an hour.

the case changed to card being produced a few hours after interview.

USCIS Louisville KY


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