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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #29000

Haiti Review on January 13, 2021:



Review Topic: K1 Visa

So he went for the interview on 12/10/2020
They asked the following questions
1- how old was your fiance when she came to the U.S.
2- who petitioned for her?
3-where does her dad live? Where does her mom live?
4- who does she live with? In what state?
5-how did u two meet?
6-how many time did she come visit?
7- she got kids? Married before?
8-how come she only came twice?
9- her birthday?
10- you guys still together?
Ok that's a lot of questions but at the end he got the congratulations they kept his passport and he got the visa 5 days later
The end 😌
We started this journey wayyy back in 02/19 and a lot of things got in the way such as a pandemic and personal issues
But I can't believe it's finally over in 2021 no less
So to everyone that's waiting
Keep fighting you guys and good luck

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