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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #28959

Nicaragua Review on January 3, 2021:



Review Topic: General Review

The interview is definitely anxiety inducing. In my case I wanted as much info as possible, so I hope this review can help.

1. Appointment was at 7:30AM. I arrived at 5:45AM because I was traveling from Rivas. If you have the 7:30AM slot try to be there as early as possible, and you'll be the 1st one in most likely (I was). At 7:30AM, the security guard asked everyone to line up, and have the passport & interview letter ready (he checks if you're in a list)

2. Security was easy as I had nothing but my documents. They don't want sealed envelopes so make sure everything is loose in your folder/binder.

3. I was instructed to go directly in to the area where interviews are conducted. Here the lady next to the door asked for my passport, DS 260, and Cargo trans confirmation page. She also advised me to have all my original civil docs, police report, passport & passport photos ready for the next person.

4. It took 5-10 mins for me to get called to the first window. This person was Nicaraguan. He asked for the previous mentioned items, and he proceeded to take my fingerprints. After that I was asked to sit down.

5. After around 20 mins, I was called to another window for my actual interview. The American lady was really nice. She first took my fingerprints again, I was sworn in to give truthful information, and then she asked me basic questions such as: What's your husband's name? , when, where and how did you meet? , when & where did you get married? , have you had any trouble with the law?
As far as documents she only asked to see relationship pictures. I had about 30, and she only saw 4 pictures. She then said my visa was approved, and that I should receive my passport in 2 weeks. She returned my original docs, and I was out.

*** I had my medical at Vivian Pellas, and they sent it digitally to the embassy, so I was not asked about it at any point.
*** The interview itself took about 5 mins.
*** Got in at 7:30AM, and I was out by 8:20AM. Honestly it took this long only because they kept having problems with my fingerprints, otherwise it probably would have been even faster. I can see how interviews scheduled after 7:30AM can take 3-4hrs, the place was full by the time I got out. You are mixed with non-immigrant applicants but the line & windows are different for immigrant visas. After me, 4 more IR1 were already waiting.

Hope this helps! Good luck everyone!

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