Consulate / USCIS Member Review #28754

Guyana Review on November 6, 2020:

Kim and Joseph

Kim and Joseph

Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

Questions I was asked(Beneficiary I attend the Interview alone)

Who file for you?

When did you get married?

What's your Husband Hobbies?

What's your Husband Favorite Foods?

Does Your Husband Mother Work?

Where does she work?

What's her designation?

What kind of wedding you had?

Did your husband Family attend the Wedding? NO.

When was the first time you meet in person?

Did you ever visit the US?

How did you guys meet? (Online dating)

What year and Month?

Did your Husband ever Visit Guyana? How many times?

Do you have Family in the US? List a few, when I mentioned my sister he looked her up quick She's Currently doing Adjustment of Status

Where does your Husband Work?

What do you guys do together, when you visit the US?

Who does your Husband Live with?

Where you going to live in the US?

Ask to see pictures and identify Family members

Who is (Ex Boyfriend name)?

Where you ever Married before? Your ex list you as his spouse when he applied for a tourist Visa a few years ago.

Is your Ex still in Guyana?

Based on Police Certificate Submited. Why where you in Trinidad 9 years ago for so long? I was dating someone

When are you planning on entering the US?

I will approve your Visa, Welcome to the United States.

(updated on November 6, 2020)

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