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  1. C'mon Nebraska/Texas PD September 2020 what's going on? The NOA1 letter says Texas! PD SEPT 22 The USCIS online track says Nebraska PD SEPT 17 so I'm tracking both service center!
  2. Yes my sister Husband applied for the kids same time with her application 8 months still waiting on the kids approval
  3. No one has sole custody! He left her with the kids a few years ago and went to the US and got married to someone! She got married to someone too a year after, the kids is with a care taker back home. Will my sister get the approval first since she applied since September 2020?
  4. My Sister husband (citizen) filed for her 2 children 5 and 7 last September and awaiting approval! My Sister children father went behind her back last week and filed his own application. What will happen to my sister pending application she filed last September? Will there father application interfere with the first application there mother sent? She's really confused and upset. My sister and her children father live in the US separately as permanent residents. The children live in another country while processing
  5. Imagine having a Green Card and no one wants to hire you without a social Security card. I'm losing my mind.
  6. ■■ Final Update ■■ PAID FEES: Nov•11•2020 POE Miami: Dec•22•2020 Green Card Being Produce: Feb•08•2021 Card Picked up at Post Office Feb•13•2021 94 Days after Paying Fees. Pay the Green card Fees before entering.
  7. Who else waiting on Permanent and SS Card? Paid in November. Arrive in December. Miami POE. I've never been without a Job for so long. My Mother-in-Law already told me to get out of her house after an Argument.
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