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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #28648

Jacksonville FL Review on October 6, 2020:


Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

We were originally scheduled to interview back in March, but that one was cancelled for COVID-19.

Today's interview went great. Our goal was to be over-prepared with documentation, using the last 11 months constructively to build a strong case for my wife's AOS. Our interviewer came to the waiting room and led us back to her office about 25 minutes after our scheduled interview time. We sat down in her office, separated from her by a plexiglass shield, and took an oath to tell the truth. She conversationally asked us some questions about our story as a couple while she took notes of all our responses. Then she asked the list of yes/no questions from memory, which was actually kind of impressive. In spite of all our preparation, the IO didn't really require anything from us, aside from needing some documentation that showed our current address on it (we had moved twice since we submitted our package last October).

From start to finish, the IO was friendly and professional. She identified herself as Officer Davis, and I believe we were incredibly lucky to have her as our IO. My wife was nervous going in to the interview, but Officer Davis put her mind at ease. At the end of the interview, our IO gave us the opportunity to ask her any questions, and then told us that if we wanted to give her anything else we had brought, we could. We gave her a stack of evidence to put in our file, but by that point, she already had enough evidence to make her decision.

She told us we were approved! We watched her stamp our I-485 "APPROVED". Then she said to expect the green card in the mail, and explained the timeline for filing ROC. By the time we got home, the USCIS case tracker had already updated to "New Card Is Being Produced". 🍾

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