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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #28606

Oakland Park FL Review on September 24, 2020:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Interview was this morning the 24th at 9 AM and it went great. My wife and I were called in at 9:21 and walked out by 9:45.

- He swore us in and asked me a few questions like name, address and if I've been previously married.

- Then he asked my wife the same questions plus several from the list like if she's been arrested or if she's part of a terrorist organization etc.

- He asked if there was any more evidence we wanted to provide so we gave him our recent bank statements, updated insurance card and photos from the last year or so, about 25 total.

- While he was looking at the pictures he asked me how we met and who went to our wedding.

- After looking at everything he asked how far along my wife was (she's 37 weeks so it was very obvious) and congratulated us on our first baby.

- Finally he said that he has up to 120 days or something to make a decision but that he never takes that long and that we should get a letter fairly soon.

Sure enough at 4:30 PM today we got our status updated to "New Card Being Produced"

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