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  1. Our bio appointment just came in the mail, we didn’t get a text notification. We only got text notifications for NOA1
  2. No hurt feelings here. We’re well aware that it can take very long and we’re prepared for that, Christmas at Disney World is plan B.
  3. We got to the bio appointment today about a half hour early and we were out in 20 mins!! Now we hope the EAD/AP gets here before December as we want to visit family for Christmas and New Years...
  4. Our biometrics letter was also dated July 26 with the appointment being on Aug. 12
  5. We got the NOA1’s today in the mail. Now waiting for biometrics appointment letter. No matter what day it’s scheduled for we’re going to try and walk in as soon as we get it. Based on what we’ve read it depends on the location and time you go
  6. Checks were cashed today. Still waiting for biometrics letter to come in
  7. You should call them. It might be that they just didn’t send the e-notification
  8. Update. I received my text notification this morning for all forms. USPS delivered to the P.O. Box on 7/15 and it was processed on 7/19. The money is still in my bank account but that could be due to it being processed late Friday plus the weekend. Overall my delay for not having the updated version of the I-130 form was only 11 days. Not too bad
  9. For the I-485 its fine. It expired on 6/30/19 but they haven’t released the new version yet. For me it was the I-130 that expired in Feb although they were still accepting it until May.
  10. Update. My package was processed on 7/8 but returned as I didn’t realize one of the forms was expired. I downloaded all the form a few months ago as I researched how to do everything myself and overlooked this. I was surprised to see it was delivered yesterday so I filled the correct form and quadruple checked everything and sent it off again this morning.
  11. Ours was received on July 3rd so hopefully we get our notification soon as well.
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