Consulate / USCIS Member Review #28599

Hong Kong, China Review on September 24, 2020:



Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

1. Security check.
2. After the security check. You have to go to the room, then wait for them to call you. All the questions are asked at the counter (including people who collect your documents and interview by the consulate), like the bank counter.

3. People who collected my documents for the consulate asked me...
1. How did I meet my husband?
2. Why did we get married in Tokyo?
3. Did I study aboard?
4. Where is my husband now?
5. What is his job?

Then she collected my documents, asked me to take a seat, and wait for being interviewed by the consulate.

4. Interview by consulate, questions were asked...
1. Where did I meet my husband?
2. The name of the app (I met him via app)
3. What is his job?
4. Where is he now?
5. What is my job
6. Did we have a previous marriage before
7. Did we divorce with somebody before

The last thing he said is “your visa is approved, we are collecting your passport now. your tourist visa and flight crew visa are canceled now because you don’t need it anymore”

It took me like 30 mins to finish the whole process (including security check, documents collection, and interview by the consulate). All the staff in there were very nice, helpful and efficient.

1. If the address you put on DS-260 got changed, need to inform them even you have already called the NVC (to make sure that the green card will be sent to the new address)
2. Remember don’t bring food and drinks, even you do, you’ll have to throw it away.
3. Extremely important is don’t bring a bag to exceed the size limit they stated. I bring a bag to carry my documents they asked me to fold my bag and put it in my little tiny purse bag.