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  1. I also paid the green card fee before I entered the state. I paid my fee on 26 Sept 2020.
  2. Got my social security card after 58days and green card after 90days since I arrived to the US (SFO). Here’s some information and timeline for your reference, hoping it gives you some general ideas CR1- 26 Sep USCIS status: Payment received 18 Oct Date of Entry (SFO) 25 Nov Appointment at local social security 15 Dec Got Social security card 11 Jan Ordered producing green card 14 Jan Mailed card 16 Jan Got green card ** for my social security card, They didn’t send it to me within 3weeks, so I called and they asked me to fax an application form (SS-5) and my CR1 visa to them, later on they scheduled an appointment for me to apply it at the local social security office in person. hoping the information would be helpful for you guys
  3. I just arrived to San Francisco 4days ago, I waited in the room for 10-15mins, also verifying the address as well. But I forgot to ask how long does a green card take to be sent ......
  4. Did they tell you when it would be rescheduled/when will be the interview time?
  5. Sorry guys, the group can’t be shared since the group isn’t public, you need to request to join it that’s why I can’t share the link lol. But here’s the cap screen.
  6. I saw on fb group there’s one shared hers was originally 14Aug and got cancelled
  7. Same as topic and wondering is anyone getting reschedule or schedule interview from HK US embassy? Thanks !!
  8. Thank you for the details ! The problem is when my husband tried to create an account on IRS, it kept saying the phone number couldn’t be verified. :( and that’s why we were wondering is form1040 tax type would be acceptable ! Thank you so much
  9. Congratulations!! I’m wondering has US embassy in Vietnam updated they resume the interview on their website or fb page? Because I found out some of the embassy still saying they suspended the routine visa interview but they also actually scheduled interview.
  10. NVC reviewed our case and asked for 2018 tax transcript. We looked up on IRS and tried to get one, we found out they have different types of tax transcript. Q1: Do you guys know whether tax transcript type form1040 type is acceptable? Has anybody submitted form1040type that’s accepted by NVC? Q2: Is it necessary to have 3years tax transcript or just the most recent one? I’ve heard or been told to get the recent 3years(2017-2019) for the interview. thank you so much for the help!!
  11. Sorry go off topic a little bit, but I’m wondering is HK’s U.S consulate are working on interview now? Because I looked up their website it said the routine visa service is suspended. My visa type is CR1 and still at NVC stage but wondering about the interview time. Thanks!!
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