Consulate / USCIS Member Review #28573

New York City NY Review on September 16, 2020:

Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

I had my interview on the 14th, and my case was approved right away! Here's a detailed breakdown:

-The notice said arrive 15 min prior, but we were worried about the security check line so just entered the building through the makeshift entrance perpendicular to Worth st. a few minutes before. No one said anything. 

-No one was allowed in the building without a mask on, only 4 people were allowed in the elevator at the time, plenty of hand sanitizers, 6 ft distancing for people on a line, and waiting room had a few pair of chairs separated from each other by good distance. 

-We first checked in on a big room on 7fl, then waited in another room for about 1.5 hr. There did not seem to be much order in who gets called first because people with both lower and higher waiting number than us got called in before us. 3-4 lawyers present with their client but most of the interviewees were on their own (with their spouse only). After about 1.2 hr waiting I went back to the room we checked in and asked what's going on, and the person at the window said the officer is reviewing my case and it should be any minute now. I went back to the waiting room and it was another 15 min or so before my number got called.

-Once we got called in, interview itself was very fast; probably less than 10 minutes. The interviewer asked to see our passport and marriage certificate first then asked us to take an oath, then again asked for "any joint document we want to present". We gave him our 2019 joint tax return (just the receipt), joint checking acct statements, and my medical exam. We also showed him our photo album which he looked over and took three random photos.

-The interviewer asked my husband (USC): date and place of my birth, our current address and when we moved in there, if anyone else living with us, and the last date I traveled out of the country <- this last one was a curve ball and my husband was off by an entire year... but the interviewer did not seem to care too much about it.

-The interviewer asked me: date and place of husband's birth, marriage date, if either of us have been married before (we have not), and a bunch of questions from I-485 which he flew through. 

-At the end he gave us a slip that says our result is pending, but he said he will approve our case before we even leave the building... and that's what he did. Case status was updated to "new card being produced" within the hour and couple days later it showed up as "Case approved".