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  1. Card was delivered to the address on record last Friday - 5 days from the interview. Is this the Uscis or Amazon prime? 😂 hope there is no typo in the name or anything when I go pick it up. Also, if anyone is staying somewhere else than the address on record be careful with mail forwarding. My lawyer told me that she saw too many cards get lost this way because apparently uscis does not like mail forwarding. I had a forwarding set up with USPS and had to cancel it right after the interview.
  2. Glad to report back to this thread that I had my interview on the 14th, and my case was approved right away! Here's a detailed breakdown: -The notice said arrive 15 min prior, but we were worried about the security check line so just entered the building a few minutes before. No one said anything. -No one was allowed in the building without a mask on, only 4 people were allowed in the elevator at the time, plenty of hand sanitizers, 6 ft distancing for people on a line, and waiting room had a few pair of chairs separated from each other by good distance. -We waited about 1.5 hr, there did not seem to be much order in who gets called first because people with both lower and higher waiting number than us got called in before us. -Once we got called in, interview itself was very fast; probably less than 10 minutes. The interviewer asked to see our passport and marriage certificate first then asked us to take an oath, then again asked for "any joint document we want to present". We gave him our 2019 joint tax return (just the receipt), joint checking acct statements, and my medical exam. We also showed him our photo album which he looked over and took three random photos. -The interviewer asked my husband (USC): date and place of my birth, our current address and when we moved in there, if anyone else living with us, and the last date I traveled out of the country <- this last one was a curve ball and my husband was off by an entire year... but the interviewer did not seem to care too much about it. -The interviewer asked me: date and place of husband's birth, marriage date, if either of us have been married before (we have not), and a bunch of questions from I-485 which he flew through. -At the end he gave us a slip that says our result is pending, but he said he will approve our case before we even leave the building... and that's what he did. Case status was updated to "new card being produced" within the hour and couple days later it showed up as "Case approved". Hope that was helpful for anyone waiting for the interview, I got so much help from this thread since I filed last year. Good luck for all of us!
  3. Rescheduled interview date is sept. 14!! Yay!! The notice went to our manhattan address and We’ve been staying with our in laws in upstate so had to bug our lawyer to dig up the copy from their mail room. I’m shocked how soon the interview date is, was expecting at least October!
  4. Interview rescheduled yesterday! Don’t know the new date yet, it was originally 04/09. Wonder how far out it’s going to be, I think it’s usually about 2 mo later from the schedule notice. My EAD expires in dec so I was about to request extension... phew!
  5. Congrats!! Could you share what your new interview date is? Also waiting for my rescheduling here...
  6. Has anyone got their interview rescheduled? Mine's on 4/9 but it's highly probable that the offices will stay closed by then... I know there are people dying and I should be grateful to be healthy but this is super frustrating.
  7. Interview notice has arrived in mail - 5 days after the status updated to "Interview Scheduled". The big day is April 9th! So excited
  8. Thanks! my timeline is in my signature but if you cant see it; Adjustment Of Status 06/14/2019 Application sent 06/26/2019 NOA1 Issued 07/01/2019 NOA1 hard copy 07/16/2019 Biometrics 10/17/2016 Status updated: "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview" 12/09/2019 EAD Approved 02/19/2020 Status updated: "Interview Was Scheduled" I live in Manhattan.
  9. Status updated to "Interview Was Scheduled" today! won't know the date until I get the snail mail. NYC local office seems to be super slow in general but I'm just glad they didnt forget about me. lol Has anyone managed to get their medical exam expenses covered by the insurance btw? I had to do an exam ($300 in upper east side) and a chest xray ($75 in upper east side, my civil surgeon referred me to a radiologist nearby) but neither of them was sent to the insurance company, so I have to file the claim myself. I know everyone has different insurance plans but just want to know if these immigration procedures can count as "preventative". Also, how much do ppl pay for these exams in other parts of the US?
  10. EAD Approved without RFE!! That took 6 months. shout out to all NY people out there... they didnt forget about us. I've been dying to start working again but since it's the holiday season and might take couple weeks for the card to arrive (hopefully no MIA or typo), so i'll wait till the new year to get back on the work force... still, lots of weight off my mind.
  11. Manhattan here as well. did you get your medical exam already or are you waiting to get the date first? My lawyer told me to go get the exam asap but i really dont think i'll be needing it soon lol did you get your EAD also? thanks for the input!
  12. Hi Guys, my status just changed to "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview" as of Oct. 17. It's been "Fingerprint fee received" since June, although i did my biometric in july. Since I'm in NY I'm giving it couple months minimum to get an actual interview date lol but at least now I know that they didn't lose my application... fingers crossed! Anyone else from NY here?
  13. Got my biometric letter last Friday (was out of town for the holiday so only picked it up last night). Scheduled on the 16th in downtown NYC location on Varick st. thats actually the first day of my f-unemployment after my OPT expiration so I'm not gonna try to early walk-in, will just go when I'm told to and get it done. Thank you btw for all who posted stories from their biometric appointments. Hope mine goes smoothly too
  14. Glad it worked out for you. Sadly NY does not accept Korean driver's license and I don;'t have international license either. I don't really have to drive though since I live in the city, but this whole process is frustrating nonetheless. I have an immigration attorney based in NY, and she basically just refuses to give me any advice on DMV related issues bc thats a whole different ball game than regular immigration law.
  15. So I want to share my experience of applying for New York state driver's license while being on AOS, with expired F1, and soon-to-be-expired EAD (from OPT). I went in to the Harlem DMV this morning (the line is horrendous btw - consider getting there by 8am and line up) to take the learner permit test. They don't even look at your proof of address etc until after you take and pass the exam, which makes sense. Since I already have a state ID, the lady at the counter wanted to see my social security card and two proofs of address. I showed her my passport then she pointed out that my F1 is expired, so I showed her my OPT EAD, then she pointed out that it's expiring in about couple weeks. I told her that I'm currently pending new marriage based green card, and i can show her the notice papers (I-797) and the marriage certificate. she said its not necessary. At this point she had to ask someone else in the back office regarding what to do with me; since i have less than 2 weeks left on my EAD, apparently the folks in Albany will not bother issuing a permit at this time. However, my written rest result (passing grade) will remain in the DMV system for one year, and I'm welcome to come back after I get a new EAD/AP card and continue with the permit application without having to take the test again. No, they won't give me a piece of paper saying "this person passed the written test", I'll just have to trust that it will remain on their system. Hopefully they won't screw this up when I show up a few months later with my EAD/AP card and try to do the application all over again... Btw, the written test is a joke - they were 99% recycled from the practice test from the NY DMV website (https://dmv.ny.gov/driver-license/drivers-manual-practice-tests).
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