Consulate / USCIS Member Review #28448

Bucharest, Romania Review on August 14, 2020:


Review Topic: General Review

I had my interview at 10:00, but I got there early around 9:15 and they let me in.

Went through security, just like you would at the airport. All I had with me was my bag, my wallet, keys, phone and the documents for the visa. They kept my phone and gave me a card. With that card you will be able to pick the phone back when you leave.

There were only 2 other people in the room, someone with a K1 and someone with a spousal visa.
At the first counter they took my fingerprints, my original marriage certificate, birth certificate, police clearance, one 5x5 picture, evidence of relationship and my new and old passport because it had an old J1 visa in it.

I sat down for maybe 20 minutes and then I was called by a lady consul. She was very nice and friendly. First I took the oath that I will say the truth and then she asked me how I met my husband, what was I doing in the US at the time I met him, when we officially started dating and when I saw him last time. I had 2 J1 visas, one in 2018 and another in 2019 and she asked me a lot of questions about my J visas( where I worked, if I had intentions of marriage before my second J1 visa, when I finished working, when I left the US, how many times I was in the US, if I had any unpaid sevis fee). She then invited me to sit down because there were a few verification checks she had to do, but assured me everything is fine. After about 5 minutes she called me back and asked me what my husband is working, what our joint sponsor is working, what I plan to work and if I will have insurance. She told me everything looks good and is approved, but she still has to wait for some verification to be done and that my visa should arrive next week. She kept my passport and police clearance, all the other documents were handed back to me.

I was in and out in 1 hour, everyone from the security at the entrance to the consul was very nice.

My interview took around 25 minutes, more than I expected and she also asked me a lot of questions about my J1 visas. After leaving the embassy I was very anxious and nervous not knowing if my case will end in AP, but my visa was issued 2 days later.