Consulate / USCIS Member Review #28416

Philadelphia PA Review on July 29, 2020:


Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Arrived at 10:20 AM for our 10:45 AM interview appointment.
We immediately went through security and were directed to the second floor to wait for our names to be called.

At about 10:45 AM, IO Moore called us in. He was very friendly and made the interview feel more like a conversation than a rigid interview. At several points, he reassured us that it wasn't an antagonistic process or interview.

He first asked for my passport and my husband's driver's license. After that, we started going over the information in the I-485. Name, date and place of birth, social, parents' names, most of the yes/no questions, wedding date, my husband's name, etc.

After that, he asked us if we wanted to add any other documents to our file. We gave him the following:
* 2019 tax transcript,
* utility bills with both our names on it (gave 3 most recent each of PECO and PGW),
* proof of apartment insurance,
* proof of joint dental insurance,
* joint bank account statements (3 most recent each for savings and checking),
* most recent credit card statement showing purchases where I was an authorized user on my husband's credit card, and
* about 10 more recent photos.

He asked us about what was happening in 2 of them as we handed him the stack of photos.

Finally, he asked us about our timeline:
* how and when we met,
* when I moved down to Philly from NYC,
* when he followed a year after,
* when the proposal was (who proposed, how the proposal went),
* when we got married, and
* when we moved into our current place.

And that was it. We were done in about 20-25 mins. He told us that he was going to approve our case, and then walked us out the office.

15 mins after leaving, I got the text and email notice telling me that my case status had updated to New Card is Being Produced.