Consulate / USCIS Member Review #28376

Salt Lake City UT Review on July 14, 2020:


Review Topic: Naturalization

My husband and I attended his combo I-751/N400 interview this afternoon in Salt Lake City. His original interview was scheduled for April, but was canceled because of COVID. Then rescheduled and canceled again. Finally the big day arrived today.

The officer was an incredibly kind woman and the first thing she did was comment about how our daughter. She then asked us questions for the I-751 green card approval:
Both: How did we meet?
To me: What year were we married?
To my husband: How did we deal with the 2 1/2 years we lived apart going through immigration?
Both of us: What are some conflicts we’ve had in our marriage?
Me: What was it like meeting my husband’s parents for the first time?

She then administered the citizenship test to my husband:
When is the last day to file federal taxes? She joked about during a normal year.
What is Martin Luther King, Jr. known for?
What is one right of a US citizen?
When was the Constitution written?
What happened on September 11, 2001?
Why does the US flag have 13 stripes?

Sentence he had to read: What state has the most people?
Write: California has the most people.

She asked the questions in section 12. Asked for our daughter’s birth certificate. And said she was approving both.

Everyone at the office was very kind. My husband and I both walked out saying we felt like the officers in Salt Lake genuinely want to see people get approved.

We are so excited and relieved to be almost done with this nearly 6-year journey.

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