Consulate / USCIS Member Review #28157

Amman, Jordan Review on March 7, 2020:

Nag & Matt

Review Topic: General Review

The interview process was very easy and smooth and the consular officer was very nice and easy to talk to. She asked me how did I meet my husband. when did we get married, which city do I live in in Syria. Where will I live in the USA. Do we have children. Was me or my husband married before. And I think that was it. Then she told me that because I am Syrian I am banned to enter the USA because of the travel ban. But I am eligible for a waiver. Therefore show will apply for a waiver on my behalf. And then I went to the next window and they told me to come back after 3 buisness days. But I was watching my case status online and my visa was issued the next buisness day and I picked it up. Now I am in the USA.

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