Consulate / USCIS Member Review #28132

Singapore Review on March 2, 2020:

Review Topic: General Review

I'm very happy that we got approved this morning, and I get a lot of info from visa journey prior to the interview, so it's my turn to contribute.

Before the interview is basicially the same, but they checked your tempreture also before you go through the security.

After entering the interview room and showing the lady my appiontment letter, i was told to seat and wait for my name to be called.
And 20 mins later, i was called to the counter 8 to provide my docs, they are my original birth cert, marriage cert and police cert, and additionally, my filled DS-5540, public charge form.The guy asked me if i have been to china for the last 14 days, and if is this the first marriage we had, do we have any kids, then i was told to go back to the seat and wait for my name to be called again for the intervierw.

15 mins later, i was called and go to the counter 7, the questions are very simple, like:
- when did you get married
- how did you meet each other
- what's your husband's job
- what is the domestic voilence pamphlet about
- what number should you call if you encounter domestic violence?
- if i registered the courier

That's bascially it, im surprised that they didnt ask anything regarding the new public charge form and my hubby's docs -such as i-864 or IRS Tax turn. The staffs and CO is very friendly also. And we entered the embassy at 840am and left at around 10am.

In the end i got approved and will get notified when the passport is ready for collection.