Consulate / USCIS Member Review #27850

Portland ME Review on January 22, 2020:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

The interview was scheduled for 1pm. We arrived at the office at 12:20 thinking that we would be able to advance the interview, as we had another appointment at 2:30, but the office was closed for lunch between 12 pm-1pm. Around 12:50 the door was opened, we passed through security, which instructed us to put the interview letter in a tray on the counter and wait.

Around 1:15 we were called by the officer, he explained what the interview would be like (we would take an oath, he would check the information on I-485, ask me to leave the room to ask my husband some questions and then call me back to finish).

We took the oath, he took a picture and fingerprints, asked for IDs, when I handed over my passport he noticed that I had 2 visas (K1 and visitor) and said “even with a tourist visa you did the right thing, which is the K1, that's good!". He started to check my personal information and then some of the YES?NO questions. Then he asked me to leave the room for about 10 minutes.

He asked my husband about where he was born, why he was living in Pennsylvania before he returned to Maine, how we met and how our first date was. He asked about the wedding, who was there, asked about his brother. He asked about my dog ​​(name, if his family likes him), about my job, if his family likes me, about plans for the next few years, if we were going to stay in Maine or move somewhere else. My husband said it was very quiet and I could hear them laughing while waiting outside.

About 10 minutes later the officer asked me to go back to the room, asked me what my husband does for a job, how we met, asked about a specific moment in our relationship that my husband had told him before, where our wedding will be (we will have a big reception in April) and if my family would come.

Then he said he had everything he needed, asked if we wanted to add something to the process, I handed over joint assets (health insurance, joint account, credit card). He said he had everything he needed (I showed him the big folder I brought with me), and he said “Oh God, no! I have enough ”. But that he wanted to see the photos out of curiosity.

After seeing the photos, he said that he would approve our process, explained the next steps, ROC, naturalization, asked if we had any questions and amended “but clearly you shouldn't have, you can see that you have studied a lot about the process”. The interview lasted about 40 minutes, but it was more of a conversation, I could tell that he was very curious about my husband's work. He said it could take up to 45 days to receive the green card, but it usually arrived between 1 and 2 weeks. The end!

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