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  1. I'm having nightmares where my dog (which has a... little temper LOL) escapes his bag and starts biting everyone on the plane hahahahaha Yeah apparently for Brazil I need the rabies certificate + worms certificate and a paper issued by the Minister of Agriculture (don't ask) and signed by a veterinarian up to 5 days prior to the flight. The thing I'm most worried about, to be honest, is how he's gonna react to the flight itself. He's adopted and super traumatized with a lot of things and I'm worried about flying for 10h+ with him in a bag. Hopefully I'll find some kind of natural medicine to calm him down or even make him sleep. If you guys have any tips on that, I'd appreciate. ALSO, You're together already! That makes me so happy!!! ❤️ Best of luck to you guys and be super super happy together!!
  2. I had my interview yesterday, now waiting for the visa to be issued to get the flight and get my dog's papers done. We are planning on flying to the US on the 28 ❤️
  3. I just found this thread LOL And realized I was in the wrong one (May) all this time. Anyway, got our case in transit on Tuesday and could schedule the interview yesterday, but the ceac still shows it as in transit. Hopefully it will change and they will send the email before the date we picked 😂
  4. Got our case number last night, with 28 days of NOA2. Hopefully our case comes to BR in the next shipment! 🤩🤩🤩
  5. This is the page you should go https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/history-search. It should show your records of arrival and departures, as far as I know. I don't see why your fiance never been to the US would be a problem. For our petition, we got my I94, my fiancé's Brazilian visa page, my own US visa page, both passports stamps pages showing that we went back and forth to see each other and copy of our flight tickets. Oh and the letters that I mentioned before + pictures of us together with friends and families. I don't know what you sent before but I would send it all again plus any other evidence I could find (like the letters)
  6. Other than the stamps pages of both our passports we also sent I94 as proof of meeting for the past 2 years. You could also send letters from friends and family stating that they saw you both together (we asked both of our moms and two of our friends, one in each country).
  7. They received it on the 19th, so 8 days after they received it!
  8. We just got a notification from the USPS that we got a letter from USCIS. AND IT'S THE NOA2!!!! Thank God!!! One step closer!! NOA1 03/08 RFE 06/11 NOA2 06/27 Thank you for all the support we had from this group, you guys are the best ❤️
  9. Yes we replied on the 18th and got the notification on the 19th saying they received it. Still waiting for the Approval, which we think will happen soon. Also, listen to @Greenbaum I'm not an expert but since the beginning of this process for me and my fiance, I haven't seen a process get denied... Good luck and keep the faith!
  10. Yeah we sent a lot of things too hahaha. The letter should take 5-7 days to get to your address. Then follow @Greenbaum's tips and you're good
  11. We got a RFE because there was an issue with filling some of the questions on the form. Fixed, sent back on the 18th, got a notification on the old site that they received on the 19th and now we are waiting to hear back from them...
  12. Thanks!! That’s what I’m feeling too (now) I just don’t remember if there were those kinds of updates before or if we didn’t see them. Well let’s hope it’s re-adjudication and pray to get our NOA2 by the end of this month 🙏🏻
  13. Does anybody had this problem? Our egov account shows there's an update on 06/25 but when we click on it its about our RFE response being received (we got that notification on 06/19 though).
  14. It could happen, who knows... but the thing is, you don't have to be annoying to get information you just have to be persistant, because they're gonna put your call on hold, tell you they can't get you to a tier 2 representative... it's a patience exercise
  15. Alright... we just got our letter... it was a problem with filling the form. My question is: do we send the form or just fill the answers in the letter? TIA!
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