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  1. Alright... we just got our letter... it was a problem with filling the form. My question is: do we send the form or just fill the answers in the letter? TIA!
  2. yes but be patient... my fiance is trying to receive the fax since yesterday in the morning and nothing yet... bummer 😕
  3. Got a notification for RFE after 95 days on the old site yesterday (11). We are trying to call USCIS and we got to tier 2 and they said they could send it by fax (my fiancé is out of town until August). We haven't got it yet but we were SO SURE everything was correct and that we sent so much more that what was asked for the initial petition... it's a bummer. Trying to stay positive but it's already a long process and it's so hard to have to wait whatever time it takes to get the answer, the NOA2 and everything else. I'm kinda of depressed about it today... 😕
  4. As far as I know, all the I129F forms go to California. I assume you have a NOA1 and a case number, right? If your case number starts with WAC it means it went to California. IF they transfer it to some other service center, you'll get a notification. When you send your petition, yes it goes to Texas, but then all the applications for K1 go to California. It doesn't mean it was transferred, it just means they received your case and started working on it (by giving you a case number). Try to breathe, you'll get news sooon!
  5. We can get the letter, his mom is going to get it for us. The only concern is if we need to send it back in the envelope they supposedly send for us to do so.
  6. Thank you! We are relieved to get news from them, but also frustrated because we were pretty sure we sent everything and more than was necessary. But who knows, maybe they lost something, maybe we forgot to fill something on the form. We are pretty confident it's something simple. Our only concern is when/how we're gonna send it, since my fiancé is not at home and travels for work.
  7. Thanks for the help. We have an unusual situation where my fiancé is travelling for work. Do you know if he can send the things they request from anywhere in the US? Or will they ask us to send a copy of the notification or something that comes with the letter?
  8. Sure, we just got the notification on the old site, so it's gonna be a few days until we get it in the mail. But there's no reason to be scared... it's better to get a RFE than to get nothing. It means they saw our case
  9. We just got a notification for a RFE. At least now we know they touched our case... 😕
  10. Hey, it seems like it's being a hard couple weeks for brazilians fiance(es), uh? I'm praying we all get our notifications soon. Even if it's a RFE, it's still a sign they've touched our processes... About calling, this is what I read on my VJ timeline: If this date range has passed or your application is past due per USCIS processing times then you should consider calling the USCIS to inquire on your petition. If you have been approved please update your timeline. As @TandClaudia said, I don't think it would hurt to call. My fiance called them this week, we are within the date range showed on VJ but I had an anxiety crisis and he thought it would be helpful to call -- it wasn't, they said the same thing it's on the old site. But maybe you'll have more lucky. Also, the current processing times posted here (https://www.visajourney.com/content/times/) says California Service Center is working on petitions with 3/2 NOA1 date. So our time is coming! Fingers crossed for you and your fiance! :)))
  11. Don't want to make you feel bad, but my NOA1 is 03/08 and we haven't heard anything from the USCIS yet. Fiancé even called today and they said the same thing that's on the Case Status page. (vent) I know how everybody says "don't get anxious, let it happen etc" but the anxiety is eating me alive with people with the NOA1 after mine getting their NOA2s. (/vent ended). ANYHOW, I hope you get yours soon!
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