Consulate / USCIS Member Review #27167

Athens, Greece Review on September 29, 2019:


Review Topic: General Review

The whole process at the Embassy lasted about 45 minutes.
My advice is to be early enough as it works in first come and first served basis.All people waiting for interview were sitting in the order they arrived( I arrived second,one hour before the interview).
Initially, a Greek lady asked me my name,my parents’ names and how long I was married.She also asked me about my job and my husband’s job.
She took my two photos and told me to sit down and wait to be called by consular.
About 15 minutes later consular called me and she asked me what we have in common with my husband,what is his job.
The consular was a very friendly and young lady.
She also asked me what do I think about life in US and what does my husband’s brothers think of this marriage.
Then she asked me to show her any photos from our relationship and wedding.
And that was it.
I was confident and smiling.
I noticed she was looking at my face expressions so I looked calm,happy and definitely confident.
So,after about 10 minutes of these questions and looking at the photos, she told me congratulations and gave me a paper explaining how I would get my passport back from courier service.
So, overall my experience was very positive and If I were to give you a piece of advice that is : practise answering in front of a mirror and check your face expressions 😉😉