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  1. So, the main focus is not virus but unemployment. I think Trump wanted to kill two birds with one stone here: and the death is immigration I am afraid 😷
  2. I think the key point is not to allow “bad” immigrants with green cards take the jobs of unemployed Americans.🙄
  3. I travelled to US from Europe two weeks ago and planes were almost empty.I was wearing gloves and mask throughout the trip ( I changed three planes).And used disinfectant gel all the time as well as little soap I had in my carry on bag.
  4. Travel ban extended : https://edition.cnn.com/
  5. Based on official text and exceptions I think the answer is yes. Yet, if you have been in a European country within Schengen 14 days before attempting to enter US,I think there is some ambiguity. This is my feeling. I am in the same situation.I am in Greece visiting my family and want to return to US with a CR-1 Visa I have.
  6. Here is whole official text clarifying exceptions and ban: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/11/text-of-suspension-of-travel-from-europe-126706
  7. I received my green card today ,exactly 4 months after arrival. It took 3 days to be sent from Kentucky.
  8. Dear Konstantine, I went through this process recently. Yes, it is true that the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs Translation service does not add the famous” accurate translation from Greek into English”. However,it does add an official translation logo at the bottom of the page ( written in English and French if you take a careful look at it). This is what I did and I had no issues regarding the Visa Application process. However,do not forget the Apostille in documents before translation.... Let me know if you need any more help. Best of luck
  9. Dear VJ pals, I was wondering what is the current processing time till you receive the actual green card in mail after the entry to US? It has been 3 months already in my case and still no sign of green card...🙄
  10. Dear VJ pals, I have read that as soon as you enter US a welcome package is sent to you. I was wondering whether this is true and how soon after you enter US this welcome package is sent. Thank you
  11. Well allow me to say we got questioned too about our age difference ( which is 9 years) and was asked what family thinks of this age difference too. So, yes expect more questions.
  12. Personally, I had enough help from an on-line course I registered. If you need more info,I can tell you.
  13. I don’t know if it helps in your case but I think that in my case it did help that all my papers had apostille confirming they are genuine while NVC was processing them.
  14. Congratulations 😁 Think positive 🙂 Our case was done (visa received) in 7 months so best of luck and keep on smiling🙃😉
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