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  1. Dear VJ pals, I have read that as soon as you enter US a welcome package is sent to you. I was wondering whether this is true and how soon after you enter US this welcome package is sent. Thank you
  2. Well allow me to say we got questioned too about our age difference ( which is 9 years) and was asked what family thinks of this age difference too. So, yes expect more questions.
  3. Personally, I had enough help from an on-line course I registered. If you need more info,I can tell you.
  4. I don’t know if it helps in your case but I think that in my case it did help that all my papers had apostille confirming they are genuine while NVC was processing them.
  5. Congratulations 😁 Think positive 🙂 Our case was done (visa received) in 7 months so best of luck and keep on smiling🙃😉
  6. Dear VJ pals, I plan to enter US soon on a CR-1 immigrant Visa. Shall I wait in queue for US citizens or all other passengers at the port of entry? Thank you
  7. I didn’t not have my vaccination record either.The panel physician tol d me that through my blood test they will check if I need to have any vaccines which are pertinent to my age. A week later the physician called me to get a measles vaccine as based on my blood test I did not have this vaccine as a kid. So, the physician can check on medical exam day and tell you if you need to get any shots.
  8. Dear VJ pals, I have read that the green card is received 2-4 after entering US with a spousal visa. I wonder whether entering US and receiving green card after October 15th 2019 will be affected by the new public charge rule.🤔 Thank you in advance for your help.
  9. Dear VJ pals, I know that after visa approval the USCIS immigrant fee has to be paid so as to receive green cad after entering US. I know this fee is paid on-line. I have read you need to fill in a number to pay this fee on-line. Will this number be received with visa package? Thank you in advance for your help 🙂
  10. It is wise to carry all documents and originals submitted as you never know what they may ask in the interview. In our case,they asked for albums of photos from the beginning of relationship till marriage and after that. Also photos of us with our families.
  11. Dear VJ pals, Do they really tell you if your visa is approved or not at the embassy after the end of the interview?🤔
  12. My understanding is that cases without kids move a bit faster. Another applicant I know is still waiting for IL as she has kids too. Maybe that plays a role in how fast process moves forward.
  13. I am surprised they give though only 2-3 weeks after IL sent to have medical exam before interview.I thought it would a month or so.
  14. In fact it is a form of socio-economic Darwinism hoping to lead “new US” into an era way behind apes.....
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