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  1. I think the most important is what was posted earlier.We need time to go through different stages of visa but what do we do in the meantime? Getting to know the other is not always easy as I know some people can be good at pretending.I think life teaches us something even through painful experiences. Based on that just beware in the future. All that glitters is not always gold...
  2. https://www.yahoo.com/news/border-security-green-card-changes-drive-trump-proposal-040344372--politics.html?soc_src=mail&soc_trk=ma
  3. If criminal records are completed in this phase,then the country of beneficiary may influence I think the timeline. I have seen Philippines moving faster for some reason.
  4. We are in February too but still haven’t received NOA2. For some reason, I believe beneficiaries from certain countries tend to “move” faster.That’s my feeling.
  5. Dear VJ pals, We also got our case sent in Potomac and filed in February.Still no news on NoA2 though.
  6. I would advise you to get a job first before applying.That way you increase chances of being approved.Personally,I think you need to consider not only getting your spouse there but able to cope with expensive life in US as a couple. Best of luck😉
  7. Don’t feel bad.I have received criticism because of my nationality in this forum.Who knows how people deal with the stress they have over the visa process. Just keep on smiling:-)
  8. Does your wife make you happy? Is that obvious to your mother? If your mother really loves you,she can set her selfishness away ( as such it seems) and accept your wife who makes you happy. Moving out would help but your mum has to know her limits and I am afraid you have to set those limits if she finds it difficult to set those on her own....
  9. Most likely what you submitted is a divorce certificate rather than a divorce decree.In this decree there is always a stamp by the court. I think that is what they ask for.
  10. Let’s think of this: If you were the one interviewing and deciding to grant or not the visa why would you deny your case? If you try to be in the employee’s shoes maybe it would help. Also, how would you characterize your body language when answering the questions? I think you mentioned you raised your voice too. However,my opinion is that in your case I think the denial was decided in advance. This is my opinion of course. Good luck in the future.
  11. Have you checked whether you eligible for Direct Consular Filing? I know the process takes shorter through direct filing.
  12. To be honest , I have read different opinions concerning photos of the beneficiary even if not in US. Personally, I included my photos too although I am not in US. Maybe other members can clarify. Regarding signature ,I have not signed either as I am not in US.
  13. Dear Sir /Madam, I understand you probably experience what we all experience following this immigration process. However, blaming won’t help. Besides, I think issue concerning name has been resolved which is great😃 Best of luck to you and keep on smiling:-)
  14. Unfortunately, it is an expensive process apart from stressful. Try to find a sponsor who would be willing and able to support petition. Best of luck!🙂
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