Consulate / USCIS Member Review #27089

Montreal, Canada Review on September 18, 2019:

Review Topic: K1 Visa

Had my interview this morning, I live in Montreal and just 30 minutes from the Consulate so it was easy for me.
My interview was scheduled at 7:30 am but I arrived there an hour early to be first in line. Around 6:45 more and more people started to arrive and we ended up being 12 in line with a scheduled interview at 7:30. I would recommend to arrive early as well so you avoid the long wait. I was the first in line so I was given the #1 once I entered.
I came with my cellphone which I had to give away when I entered and had a small bag in which I had gathered all my documents. Upon entering the building you have to show your appointment confirmation and your passport,you are then given a laminated sheet with a number on it and the list about how to organize your paperwork. I then passed security where I put all my things on a tray and then was directed to the basement to gather my documents in order. We stayed there for about 10 minutes and then had to take the elevator which led us to the floor on which the interviews were conducted.
We waited in the wiating room for about 10 more minutes and then were called in order. I had to give out all the documents from the Paket 3 checklist one by one in a different order than on the sheet they had given me when I entered so maybe don't bother organizing them too much but make sure you ahve them out and ready. The lady was super friendly and we even joked around while I handed my documents. I am from France but living in Canada so I had to give her the original work certificate as well as a copy, she gave me the original back right away. She also asked for my fiancé's last Tax document so if you can bring this it is more useful than all the other proof of income, I still gave her the other documents I had and she said it could only work in my favor to give them too much. Once i had given her all my documents she told me I was done and could go back to waiting, she also wished me good luck and was really nice the entire time.
I went back to wait in the waiting room and spent 20 minutes talking with the people around, it helps to relieve the stress and makes the experience more enjoyable. I was then called to another window where another really nice lady welcomed me, she asked me a couple of question about our relationship and wedding plans and how we had met. The questions took maybe 5 minutes and she then told me that my Visa was approved and handed me the pink paper with the "Welcome to the US" information and congratulated me.
Overall I was inside for just under an hour and everyone there, even the multiple guards we saw throughout were super friendly and very nice, I was able to chit chat with all of them and they all look like they were genuinly rooting for us all. I had a great experience there and definitely was overprepared and overstressed about the whole situation.

My advice: come with all your paperwork from packet 4, not sure you need to bring too much proof of relationship but bring some just in case they ask. Everyone there is really nice and friendly.

Good luck everyone !!