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  1. Hi, I will be travelling next weekend to the US. I have a cat, could you tell me which form you got from the vet ? I have his rabbies and micrchip all up to date but not sure if he needs anything else. Thanks for the help !!
  2. Thanks !! Well since I am here on a Working visa I had to bring it to the interview as well as a copy of it. If you are in Canada with a PR then bring that too.
  3. Yes it is the one with the glossary to translate. They said it was fine yesterday. And yeah it doesn't have all the same info but it has the info they need to have so it's all good. I just gave them the 3 pages and it was all good.
  4. Hi Sammy, THanks! Yes I am French as well so I udnerstand the stress you are under. Both documents were requested and a copy of my birth certificate was also reauested. On the French website for police certificate and for birth certificate there is an option to request them in English so I went with that and they approved it yesterday. Google French birth certificate in English and you will find the link. I also had these sent directly to Canada and it didn't cost me anything, they both arrived within 2 weeks here in Montreal. My forms were both from June and my interview was in September and they ahd no issue with that so I think you are good. Make sure you also bring your current Canadian visa as well as a copy of it as they will ask for it. Let me know if you ahve any question
  5. No go ahead and tell them you have plans made, it is good to have plans !! In our situation we were not making anything official or booked until now so that's why.
  6. Hi KenandBina, I posted my Consulate review yesterday if you want to have everything in detail. All in all just make sure to come early so you don't have to wait too long. Have all your paperwork ready with copies of everything and make sure to have the tax form from 2018 for your fiancé to make things easier (only document they asked me to provide for his affidavit of support although I offered them the other documents (letter of employment, bank statement and paystub) and they took them saying it could only help to ahve everything). The questions were basic: - how did you meet - what is your longest stay in the US - do you have any wedding plans (told her we did but were waiting to confirm everything once we had the visa) I was crazy stressed about the whole thing but it turned out so much easier and everyone there was super friendly, from the other applicants to the entire staff over there. Don't hesitate if you ahve more questions
  7. Had my interview this morning. They were so friendly and I got approved Thanks to everyone for all your help through this stressful process !!
  8. The appointments for K1 are only on Wednesdays and it appears that every Wednesday for the month were made available... so the only hope for September is someone cancelling their own... Good luck !
  9. Since the last time they have entered dates for September on the 26th of July nothing has been added. I think the next time they will add dates will be at the end of August. Good luck everyone with the wait !
  10. 10 days ? That's such a long time !! For me they said on the phone 4 business days so I took 5 just to be safe.
  11. Thank you ! And yes this waiting game can be exhausting... the 2.5 weeks it took me to get that appointment were the longest of the process I feel.. But don't worry keep checking regularly and you will get something. Don't loose hope if it takes longer than you had hoped for! I really hope you get one fast though !!
  12. I will go and pick it up myself to make sure it is all on time. And I made an appointment with Medisys and they assigned me to doctor Ilana Galperin. They were super nice on the phone and knew right away what I was asking for and gave me a detialed list by email of the paperwork needed.
  13. Hey I live in Montreal so it is easier for me.. I scheduled my interview on the 11th for the appointment on the 18th. I would say try to do it at least a week before the appointment just to be sure.
  14. I feel you... Did mine once I knew the NVC had our file. Was too scared that things would take longer than they already were.. You sent your documents in August ? How come it is only being ready now ? I sent mine on February 6th 2019.. I feel like things are almost fast for us..
  15. Hey there, 
    I see you have the same appointment date as I do. At what time is your interview scheduled? 
    Mine at 7:30 am. Maybe we will see each other there :)

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