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  1. The moment I see some online I'll post it here and hopefully we all get one fast !! FIngers crossed!
  2. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could give me an approximate time when it is best to check the website for an appointment in Montreal. I've been checking for a week every 10 minutes at work and been waking up at 5,6 and 7am to try to find something but still nothing and I hope I am just not missing out on anything. Also, does anyone know if there are still dates being opened for August ? From my understanding K1 Visas are only for Wednesdays.. Thanks for any insight you may have on a date or time that is best
  3. Good afternoon all, I just got packet 4 form the Montreal Embassy and tried to get an appointment but sadly no luck. I was wondering if anyone knew of a specific time of day or month when they make new appointments available. Thanks for your help!
  4. Thanks everyone for the quick replies. I thought it was most likely not possible but just wanted to make sure before I left my job
  5. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew if it would be allowed for me to work for my current Canadian company while I wait for my Green Card and Authorization to work in the US. My current company is in Canada and they would let me work remotely for them, still under my current Canadian contract but while being physically in the US. This way I wouldn't have to wait the whole time while I am in the US before I can look for a job, Please let me know if I need to expand more on the subject or there is already a thread for this :) Thank you all for your help !
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