Consulate / USCIS Member Review #27088

Israel Review on September 18, 2019:


Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

Interview was scheduled for 9:45 am, I got there an hour earlier and they let me in, before entering I was asked to open my medical envelope and to check in my phone, you can take your bag with you.
Then I was told to go into the next building where interviews take place, it's the same room where the non-immigrant interviews take place, I was told to sit and wait and that they will call me by my name, I waited about 20-30 minutes until I was called to the 1st window and the young lady there talked to me in Hebrew, she asked me to give her our marriage certificate, my birth certificate, army certificate, 2 passport photos, the I-864 and the envelope with the medical results, she gave me the X Ray disk back and said that I will need to present it at the poe, she gave me a pamphlet about domestic violence and told me to go sit down, read it and wait for the consular officer to call me for the interview.
After about 20 minutes I was called to the 2nd window for the interview, the CO was a very nice American lady, the interview was in english, she asked me how we met, where was the last time we saw each other, and if any of us have any kids, I said no and then she said that everything looks in order and that I was approved, gave me all of my original documents and kept my passport, then she told me to go wait to be called for instructions, the interview took 5 minutes, and she didn't ask to see anything from the huge binder I brought with me. I waited another 15 minters and was called to a 3rd window, there was an Israeli lady that told me that my visa was approved and that I will get my passport with the new visa in 2 weeks but it may take a bit longer, she said that I will not get a sealed envelope because everything now is scanned into the computer system, she told me that I have 6 months to get to the states and that was it. the whole thing took about hour and 15 minutes
2 days later the ceac status says Issued and now I am waiting to get me passport back hopefully next week.

Tip - have everything in order, bring everything they ask you to bring and don't forget to order the police certificate at least 3 weeks before the interview, there were a few people there that didn't get their visa (yet) because the police certificate didn't get there in time or they missed some documents, so make sure you have everything with you and don't stress, the interview is very easy.

(updated on September 18, 2019)