Consulate / USCIS Member Review #27049

London, United Kingdom Review on September 11, 2019:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

I arrived at the Embassy at 09:30 for a 10:30 appointment. Sat outside until just before 10am then made my way following the blue signs to the first desk outside. A lady took my name, looked at my passport and DS-160 and then I walked to a door where a security guy asked to see me open up an app on my phone (unsure why but he was asking everyone to do this!) and then I went into then security area - very heavy doors by the way! I had to put my bag inside a tray and it went through the scanner. I deliberately didn’t wear any jewellery and made sure I didn’t have any perfume in my bag because you aren’t allowed bottles over 30ml. I then walked through into the main building, ignored the big queue and bypassed straight to the desk who told me to take the elevator to the 1st floor and then turn left, walk down the corridor past everyone and then turn left again. There you take a seat and wait for your number (stuck on the sticker on your DS-160 page) to flash up on the TV screen which says which numbered area to go to. I waited from 10am to 10:30am was called to the first window and here I was asked for: my passport (they didn’t want or need the expired one I had with me) and the DS-160. The guy (British, very friendly and chatty) asked me for the best contact number for me and whether I have had my medical yet and then asked for, my birth certificate, ACRO police certificate and the financial form I-134. He asked for an employment letter for my fiancé or pay stubs. I had the letter so I gave that and he didn’t need or want to see the paystubs, W2’s or tax transcripts that I had with me. He also didn’t need a photocopy of any of the documents I had with me. He asked me for my photo x1 US sized, scanned it and gave me it back. He went and got my file and then gave me an envelope which just had my chest x-ray inside and said keep this and take it to America with me. He gave me a leaflet on domestic abuse and my rights living in America and said read it while waiting. He then took my finger prints digitally on a scanner. This process took around 10 minutes.

I was then asked to take a seat. I waited 2 hours almost exactly to be called to the next window. Just FYI toilets are ages away from the waiting area so don’t leave it until the last minute to go to the bathroom. There are also no drinks in the building so bring your own water or snacks. There is WiFi in the waiting area to keep yourself entertained. I brought a book but was too nervous to read at first but then relaxed as I saw a friendly face arrive - @zoeeee

The room feels very serious and everyone can hear your conversations and interviews, which I found weird. You basically walk up to a glass window like at a bank and they can only see the top half of you. A lot of people were dressed very smart but I was wearing trainers and black jeans and felt fine.

An American man was the officer to interview me. He asked me to raise my right hand and take an oath to say I have told the truth in my application and would tell the truth that day. The interview was very conversational and nothing at all like I pictured. He asked how I met my fiancé and when? When did I last see him? What do I plan to do going forward? For example for work and money. And where does my fiancé live? I.e alone or with other people? The next thing I know he said, “well the good news is we are going to go ahead and issue your visa” which I was so surprised about and even said, you don’t want to see any of my other evidence? To which he said no you have provided enough. He handed me back all of my documents except my passport and explained I would get it back within 7-10 days by courier. He also gave me a little card which detailed this.

I left the embassy at 2pm practically skipping out of the building!! Cheers to being approved 🙂😃🙂😃🥳🧚‍♀️🌼